Where ya been?

November 6, 2020

 I've been missing in action lately on here and every other social media platform... buying a house will do that to a person. So here's a little recap of what we've been up to. 

I'm not sure how it happened but Elliot turned two last week. 

I'm so far behind on time that I haven't even uploaded the photos that I took on his birthday. But anyhoo, here is our resident always the baby at age 1 and this year at age 2. 

Elliot at his usual. Either ecstatically happy or more miserable than you can imagine. 

It's funny which kids do what and hang onto who. Harrison stayed attached to Jeremy, now he pays attention to my mom more. 

Elliot latches onto Grandaddy and wants to rough house. He's always as close as he can get and constantly bringing him books to read. 

Halloween. A time to refuse your costume because you are two and haven't trick-r-treated before. Or for others you are living your best kindergarten community helper learning life and being a police officer. 

After a year of trying to sell and two years of renting... we are finally in a house of our own again and living our best life. Y'all. Having space again is just insane. Like bananas. 

No more cramped up rental life. Plus... Mama done exited the county and is back in the land of concrete neighborhoods with little to no snake friends siting around all willy nilly. 

I haven't worn perfume in at least 10 years. Once we moved to South Louisiana my allergies got so funky that I couldn't even bare a candle or cleaning supplies. It seems heightened mold really effects me. 

Lately I've been on the search for a perfume made of essential oils, since they don't bother me. (I even clean and use them to scent our home because it's all I can stand.) After contemplating making a dozen Pinterest recipes I came across this Good Chemistry site. Then they popped up in Grove Collaborative. So I bit the bullet and ordered Queen Bee. 

It's heavenly, made of only essential oils, inexpensive, and didn't but me one bit. 

Go get your one.