Turkeys & Chocolate Pie

November 24, 2020

I have got to become more mindful of taking photos again. With the move into our new house I have been awful at getting photos of the kids. Part of that is probably because I really only take out my big camera when the light is just right. 

Hence the following photo. 

I made my great grandmother's chocolate pie for a Friendsgiving Dinner, at the request of Jeremy. Harrison decided this was the year he loved it. (note the meringue in the blog recipe is the original, I am using a stabilized meringue now because a deflated meringue makes me insane... plus I like to make it taste more like marshmallow) 

I worked to make Harrison's disguise a turkey dreams come true... who do you think we made? 

The littlest boy in the house has hit the "pretending to read all the books by himself" age. It's far too adorable. This morning when I got him up he actually fussed at me because he needed "book mine" from his crib. He is sleeping with the Easter Little Blue Truck book. 

FINALLY! I got to dig out my plates and hang them this past weekend. This is my most beloved of all the plates. I happened to be in England during the week of the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday. I originally gave this to my grandmother but it came back into my possession when she passed away. 

Elliot. Being Elliot. I don't know who he has seen wear a hat like this to believe it should be done this way. 

In other cooking news, I've been so happy to be back in a full blown kitchen again. This weekend I whipped up that chocolate pie and some Rice Dressing... in the most clumsy of manners. I dropped eggs left and right. Busted many a yolk. Then I finally topped it off by getting excited by the fact that I had beef stock only to drop the jar, causing glass to go everywhere! Y'all know how that goes, it got caught in the top of my toe and I couldn't exactly feel it... until I was bleeding a trail through the kitchen. Good times friends. 

But hey, a nice kitchen again. So shove all the glass you'd like in my foot if it means I get have two oven racks. 

Now for some memes that have made me happy this week!