Making a Meaningful Bouquet: 7 Wedding Flower Meanings for Your Big Day

June 11, 2020

Weddings in the US are not a cheap affair. In 2016, the average American wedding cost roughly $35,000.
When you're putting forth that much money, you want to guarantee that each detail is meaningful. That even includes your floral arrangements and bouquets. 
Did you know that traditionally, different flowers hold different meanings? That's right! You can create a beautiful story with each flower you display during your ceremony and reception.
Read on to learn about 7 wedding flower meanings that can enhance your big day. 

Wedding Flower Meanings

We tend to select our wedding flowers based on our aesthetic taste. However, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out what some of your favorite flowers symbolize!

1. Calla Lily Symbolism

These gorgeous, flute-shaped flowers are often seen in floral arrangements and boutonnieres. They are easiest to find in the summer and spring, as they are a tropical flower with roots in Africa! 
The calla lily symbolizes two things. The first is magnificent beauty, mirroring both the bride and the tradition of tying the knot. They are also considered regal, adding a royal air to your wedding!

2. Baby's Breath Symbolism

Baby's breath is a gorgeous, cloud-like flower that grows in loose bunches. These flowers do wonders to fill out a bouquet or arrangement. Because it is so popular, most florists keep baby's breath in stock all year round.
These adorably small flowers bring life to any wedding, as they signify festivity and celebration!

3. Anemone Symbolism

These unique blooms with their distinct pistils and bold petals are totally eye-catching. You can create a stunning bouquet just with anemone, alone! They tend to bloom throughout the spring, although they often have a resurgence in the late fall before the cold season sets in.
The anemone symbolizes anticipation, making them a great accompaniment to the butterflies in every bride's stomach. Some people also consider them a good luck charm that can ward off negativity--not a bad thing to have around during your big day!

4. Carnation Symbolism

Carnations are a great go-to for any bride on a strict budget. These flowers are lush, attractive, elegant, and affordable! Fortunately, carnations are in-season every month of the year.
Unlike most flowers, the meaning of a carnation comes down to its color. For example, a pink carnation symbolizes gratitude while a white carnation symbolizes pure love. Keep in mind that a multi-colored or "striped" carnation symbolizes refusal, which isn't exactly what you want to encounter during a wedding!

5. Chrysanthemum Symbolism

Chrysanthemums resemble a tightly packed daisy or petal-covered pompom. We tend to see these flowers popping up in fall weddings, although they're not hard to find in the spring and summer.
Chrysanthemums have a number of meanings, ranging from abundance to truth. The best way to sum up the chrysanthemum's meaning is with the word "joy!"

6. Daisy Symbolism

Daisies are petite, simple, and beloved. They can complete the look for any outdoor wedding, whether it's taking place on a rustic farm or up in the mountains. Spring and summer tend to come to mind when we think about these sweet flowers, although they are available all year round.
The daisy symbolizes innocence but it is also thought to prompt people to share their feelings. What better flower to have around when you're reciting your vows?

7. Hydrangea Symbolism 

Hydrangeas are almost like the mother of baby's breath! They're round, cloud-like, but completely full-bodied, making them perfect for centerpieces and altar decorations. Like carnations, hydrangeas are affordable and available every month of the year.
Hydrangeas are a wonderful symbol of what marriage is all about. They mean both perseverance and strong emotions--two things that keep a marriage going!

Flower Color Meanings

With the exception of carnations, most flowers maintain their symbolism regardless of their color. However, colors also possess certain symbolic meanings. Pick the perfect flower and color combination to express exactly what you're feeling on your wedding day!


Because of holidays like Valentine's Day, most of us know that red is the color of romance! More specifically, red symbolizes love and passion.


If being a bride makes you feel like a queen (as it should), then purple is the perfect color for you! Purple symbolizes luxury and has long been considered the color of royalty and wealth.


Like red, pink tends to make us think of romance! Pink is the color of tenderness, emotion, care, and love. 


Blue is a cool, calming color that makes us feel truly serene. It is no surprise, then, that it symbolizes trust, faith, and stability.


Orange is a spunky, energetic color that brings life to any wedding, especially fall weddings! Orange symbolizes youth, happiness, wealth, and health. As an added bonus, it also symbolizes attraction!


Pair yellow flowers with orange and you'll create an amazing, positive vibe! Yellow symbolizes cheer, freshness, warmth, and optimism. 


We know what you're thinking. Black flowers? At a wedding?
Believe it or not, you can find black calla lilies and they can look incredible in a bouquet or arrangement. Plus, black symbolizes boldness, elegance, and strength.

Give Meaning to Your Wedding Flowers

If you want to increase the power and significance of your floral choices, take some time to think about wedding flower meanings. Surrounding yourself with such wonderful symbolism can empower you and increase your joy and confidence on your big day!
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