Changing Bins, Unwelcome Bed Guests... & some Quaran-memes

June 29, 2020

Last week I finally got around to changing Elliot's clothing sizes out. I'm not a fan of the 2T bin primarily due to the lack of baby one piece rompers. 

Once you add shorts and a shirt these kids suddenly look like they're applying for college. 

In the swap I did find one of my favorite outfits from baby Harry. 

So I pulled out the camera. 

Click one - all serious baby. 

Nods, smiles, Click two. 

Here's a side by side. Same age. Same outfit. 

Harrison the cheery baby. 
Elliot the Cajun definition of cannillie. (mischievous) 

It's summer, but I think we can all agree it doesn't feel like normal summer. 

I'll still take in the slow mornings before real like starts back in the fall. Granted if I've learned anything from trying to get to church, I'm out of shape when it comes to get ready speed. 

Everyone has been boycotting yogurt. 

Mama got a good one on them though, insert yogurt popsicles. 

Guess who all was begging to make more...

In case you've wondered what socially distanced church has looked like, it's lots of quiet activities with Mom and Dad on opposite ends of a pew 

Elliot + Nutella = please someone else come clean this up. 

Birmingham Moms Collective had virtual Bloom this past week and it went really well. Even more exciting, from the trapped at home mom, was passing out swag the next day to all our local mamas! 

When I tell y'all that Elliot is beyond busy, here's exhibit A:

Found a stool and somehow tip toed himself to get the water on and play. 

Are y'all still here? 

I know I should have posted last week and this wouldn't be the case. 

My mother's school has been prepping for any potential online learning so we did a mock Zoom lesson before she presented it. 

2 things: 1 - there's a reason 5 year olds don't go to night school (attention is far gone) and 2 - God bless lower grade teachers during this mess. 

I stopped for lunch in Mississippi on my to Louisiana and got my hands on the frosted coffee everyone is talking about. 

Y'all. It's good. But it isn't a nightcap type of drink. I didn't realize the caffeine was bugging me until I was still wide awake at 2am and sleeping with my oldest octo-child. 

I honestly forgot home much noise Harrison made in his sleep, every so often I'd wake up again to either being touched or hearing him mumble. This is what initially got him kicked out of our room and into a crib. He just grunts and carries on all night. 

Now for the Quaran-Memes

Let's be honest, at this point our roads should be as pretty as Texas roads. But nope. 

It took me years to start reading last names in South LA the right way, I'm still not a pro. Now I'm in Alabama reading names wrong again. 

Don't email me, y'all know this is true. 

If you call and I don't answer, just know it's just because I can't stand the sound of a ringer... or an alarm. 

And that friends wraps up what's recently been in my brain and phone. Who knows, maybe I'll doing enough to do a river rat update this week while I'm over here in the bayou state. 

Also, expect spelling errors, this keypad is not my friend.