Scenes from the Beach

July 19, 2019

Might I add, in no particular order. 

It is very difficult to stand in water that you full well intend to be washed around like a seashell in. 

While Daddy was away in Brazil I went with my parents to Perdido Key, it was a really nice beach. We are honestly the least beachy people around. I haven't been (aside from a day trip to Biloxi) since 2010. We are more lake/creek/mountain people. 

One of the nights my mother booked a dolphin cruise, it was cut short due to the impending hurricane rolling towards the gulf. But not before seeing a bunch of dolphins jumping around and playing. The boys were enthralled.  Being on the boat made Harrison nervous. He was clutching the side or covering his ears, but it was a new experience and the caution made juggling him and the baby easier. 

If there is any lesson I'm having to learn it is that you can't make decisions for the 4 year old and you better double and triple check that his decision was exactly what he wanted. We went to an ice cream shop (after the disaster of going to one while camping) and after carrying him up and down the counter he picked a flavor I did not expect him to eat. Surprisingly he ate the entire thing and had the best attitude. I was impressed big time. 

It's just such a struggle to move to a place where you have to remember that they want to make decisions for themselves (within reason) and to allow that to happen instead of taking the "easy" route. Easy being totally subjective... because wasted expensive ice cream is never easy. 

You'll see a couple attempts at a photo of these two loons. 

This attempt was the "But I'd rather try to catch a fish than stand here." 

Want to keep Harrison still? Bury him. 

This was the calmest he was the entire time. Older couples were getting a kick out of him and giving me that "we've been there look" as they watched a little boy run like an escaped Lab puppy. 

Being trapped in a small space is great for leaning to play together well. This was towards the end of the week. 

A rare photo of Elliot. He was not here for it. The beach. The sand. The sun. 
He's his daddy's child and was left indoors accordingly. 

If you make it to the Perdido Key area, the kids park is a sight to behold. 

Joshua had a good time at the Naval Museum, Harrison not so much. I ended up leaving early and letting my parents wander around with my nephew. Harry spent the entire time with his fingers in his ears again and when he would look up he would fall to the floor in fear. Had I not already pack the car to the brim I would have benefited from the double stroller. This place was nerve wracking for the poor child. 

Notice he had to have his cousin holding his hand. 

 And that was it.

We headed home in an attempt to beat the storm and had zero fun driving back. The kids did great but mama is not made to drive alone in bad weather with small people.