Dating in the White Space

May 15, 2019

Our calendars as parents in this day and age are already packed. 
Packed with activities. Packed with work. Just packed to the brim with daily life. 
That means adding in time for Mom and Dad to be, well, not Mom and Dad is difficult for most of us. How do you add a date night in when the kids have to be everywhere? Or even worse, feeling guilty for leaving the kids on a Friday night after spending so little time together during the week days? 
This was something I really wondered about how we’d do as a couple. Would we get lost in the kids and then 18 years later, not know the other person? I’ve seen so many divorces from just that. It isn’t how I wanted to see my marriage go.

I recently shared how we work in quality time together as a couple, over at the Lafayette Moms Blog. I've love for you to head over there and read more about taking advantage of the white space in terms of dating (and I'd love it if you left a comment).