Cheers to 10 Years

May 30, 2019

Ten years of blogging.

Now we've hit the 10 years of marriage part of the milestone.

If you've been here since 2008 you've seen it all, wedding planning, death, sickness, travel, laughs, and tons of what we've eaten. But though it all the same great guy has stuck by my side. So go ahead and prepare yourself for tons of photos!

I've seen people post about how they love their husband as much as they did on their wedding day. But I can't say the same hold true for us. Love after 10 years has so much more depth and meaning. This guy has seen me though the death of my grandmother and so many ups and downs with my father's health. 

Those two kids in the picture above... they had only experience annoyances that come with wedding planning and navigating with a Garmin on their honeymoon. Not a single thing more than that.

Things change after a man has seen you give birth twice, if anything is going to remove any marital mystique it is giving birth.

Although I think for every baby I have he is getting yet another college degree!

Below was when I graduated with my Masters, I can't find a good photo of us when Jeremy graduated with his Specialist in School Psych, but rest assured I think I'll force him to walk for his M.Div. when it happens.

We've gone on adventures galore in this ten years. Italy, Puerto Rico, that shady Bahamas cruise that was the only thing we could really afford on our honeymoon. Now, while kids are little, we are a camping family. 

Below was zip-lining in Puerto Rico. This was our 5th anniversary, Jeremy had just graduated with his Specialist, Mom and Dad were celebrating 35 years (or 40, she will have to correct me), and Pop had just turned 75! It was a massive family adventure. 

This guy has even pushed my comfort zone with ministry. 

Way back in our dating days he expressed a desire to go into ministry as a pastor. Since then I've seen him teach a class for all but a few years. He's been involved in worship team ministries at both of the churches we have attended in South Louisiana. Plus we had a two and a half year stint as youth minister in Thib. That position stretched me the absolute most... after years of resisting being involved with him I somehow ended up teaching a few times. It was an amazing experience and looking at this photo it's so crazy to think how many of these kids are now in college! 

Even better than that has been seeing Jeremy fulfill his calling into ministry over the past three years with seminary. We've finally hit the next step in the long term ministry plan and I honestly can't wait to see God's purpose for this man's life fulfilled. There has been so much growth and obedience over the years to get to this point. For him and for both of us as a couple.

I swear on his grave stone I will have to put his little quip he always said to me about how in ministry a pastor can only be as strong as his wife/family allows. We can either build each other up and allow for God to use us in any way possible or we can hinder the other. While my desire is to be the most supportive pastor's wife on earth, I know there will be growing pains a plenty. I just never want to be what holds him and his ministry back.

A little lighter heart-ed... a few of a many Christmas photos I've forced on Jeremy over the years. 

First Christmas pic ever above ^^ & us at our friend's wedding in November of that first year married.

Baby Harry on our first Easter as a family of 3. Also known as "when the wind works in your favor."

Aww NOLA, that summer everyone went to an Emery concert without me because there was no way I was going to pump in a bathroom at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

This is going to stand as my favorite picture ever. I REALLY want to recreate it with Elliot but I will never get Jeremy out at a tree farm in long johns ever again!

Harrison's first snow... also known as I never thought we'd see that in New Iberia.

Last but not least, life now. Ten years. Two boys. Three Cities, 5 houses/apartments. 4 and a half college degrees. Jobs galore. Lots of laughs, tears, growing pains, and good times. Here's to ten more.