Things I Bought and Liked || January

February 15, 2019

I'm constantly trying new products, so I decided... why not share them. So here ya go, round one is basically everything from November through January!

The Ordinary Buffet | If you're looking for a serum from The Ordinary and don't know what to do, this is the one to choose. It's exactly what it says, a buffet. It a touch of all the good stuff they have. This is another I've reordered about 3 times over the years. But pay attention to their website, I got them half off over Black Friday this year.

Teddie Organics Rose Hip Oil | I've used this day and night for a year. I love it. I put this under my moisturizer and can tell a major difference in how dry my skin is when I don't use it.

Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliation Peeling Mask | It works, but not as well as the Korean Baby Foot I found a few years ago that wasn't even in English. It peeled the skin off, but it could have done more.

Amazon Essentials Electric Kettle | We use this multiple times a day after ditching our coffee pot. I (as the every loving Anglophile) wanted to go a more European route with my tea and coffee since my tea kettle is 10 years old and needed replacing. This did the trick. It heats up water in under a minute, I swear.

Turkish Delight | I bought this for my class when we were reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe... it is insanely yummy.

YETI Rambler 14oz | I would be exaggerating if I said I used this less than every single day. I make my coffee at 6am and it's the prefect temperature when I sit down at my desk to take roll at 8am. This mug has saved me from cold coffee since November 1.

Garden of Life Sport Protein Powder Chocolate | I abandoned my beloved Paleo protein powder for this one. There's nothing funky in it and the big bonus is that it contains pre/probiotics and BCAAs.

Nalgene Kids Grip-and-Gulp | We were having an issue with Harrison chewing on the spout of his Contigo cups, this cup solved that. The Nalgene is a hard spout so he can't gnaw it off. I know he should probably use a regular cup at some point, but I don't even use one.

George Foreman 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill | This is my lifesaving dinner purchase! I can get dinner done in under 30 minutes and then pop off the plates and toss them in the dishwasher and that makes this mother of two small people with a full time job very happy.

Amazon Basics Packing Cubes | I've been needing a better packing option. With Elliot new to the clan he is taking over a whole seat we once used to hold the 3 drawer thing for camping clothing. My new goal is to get us all in one bag and this is the way... the previous way being gallon baggies. But that way costs more in the long run. I got myself and the kids in a duffel bag at Christmas this way.

R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste | A hair dresser use this on me at LAFMB Moms Night Out and I was impressed. It's somewhere between a texture paste and dry shampoo, but I wouldn't recommend it on day two. It's something to be used on day one when you're styling and just makes your style last longer and appear less dirty the next day. This is great for flat or fine hair.

Amazon Essentials Packable Puffer Jacket | I'm kind of shocked at how great this jacket is. I've now worn in it pretty chilly Louisiana conditions (it got down to the 30s once lol) and it blocks the cold and wind very well!

Ulgoo Weekend Duffle Bag | Large, waterproof, seems made well enough, it was everything I was looking for.