Life Lately

February 9, 2019

It's been a fun week. Mainly because Mardi Gras here is the same, if not more party involved than Christmas. 

This past week the Laffy Moms Blog ladies got together for a King Cake party. If you haven't had one might I suggest you do it. My favorites were Keller's (always, they are the most traditional cake texture), Pouparts (traditional French King Cake was really good), and surprisingly the Great Harvest Bread Co (their Turtle fill was amazing, they are more of the cinnamon roll dough bread). 

The aftermath... I'm not diabetic. 

Every month I pull up Harrison's monthly photo when I take Elliot's, and every month they look less and less alike. Harry is clearly Jeremy's head shape on me with some combo of our eye shape. Elliot is straight up Jeremy from top to bottom with my head shape as a baby. I was changing the little sucker today and noticed just now much his fat baby body looks like the photos of fat baby Jeremy.

Both kids though, very unfortunate head shapes. Sadly rocking a bald head in adulthood won't be in their future.

Ignore the fact that I look like an exhausted train wreck with my greasy bun, but we had a good laugh this week when my teacher friend in the class next door and I showed up in the exact same outfit. Minus shoes. Mine is a touch more wrinkled though, blame breastfeeding before work. 

I'm only going to say this 100 more times this year, but the LaVie has been a lifesaver for pumping. As it stands today (Thursday) I only need about an ounce to get the rest of the bottles Elliot needs for the week. And I still have to pump 4 more times. During the work day, when sleep hasn't been an issue, I am managing to pump 3 bottles from 2 pump sessions. 

If you've ever breastfed before you realize how major this is. Nothing gets a nursing mama excited like an abundance of milk. 

But I'll carry on about that more in my baby essentials post next week.