Tummy Time, Guitars, & Baths

November 21, 2018

It's really been nice having Thanksgiving break sandwiched into my maternity leave. I know Christmas will be just as nice, one week back and then two weeks hanging out as a family with no work interruptions. 

Anyone else wish they could live the retirement life when kids are little and work later? I don't necessarily want to stay home just me, but have all 4 of us home all the time. Wishful winning millions thinking? Yup. 

We've had quite the adventure this week so far. Monday we went to the music store to get Jeremy his Christmas present. Harrison is getting to experience my childhood with my grandfather through his father. I really loved going to the music store with Pop as a kid. Really all my music memories are centered around my grandparents, he played in a band and at festivals for decades. I'm secretly planning on having Jeremy put new strings on our kid guitar and stealing it when I go home at Christmas. 

I should also add, my husband has replaced me as the music store person with Pop. Last time we were home he went with Pop to have coffee with the owner, and honestly I love that he can relate to my grandfather with music. 

There's also been a first attempt with tummy time with this kiddo.

He slept.

Harrison thought spent it saying "Aww" and "Hey Bebe" a dozen times. It's super cute how he talks to his baby.

And of course, bath time. I initially thought separating them out like the Moms On Call schedule calls for would be easier. It isn't.

Instead what I've been doing is getting Harrison started, then bathing Elliot int he Puj tub, dressing Elliot, finishing Harry's bath, putting number 2 down, and then finishing Harrison's bedtime routine.

What I'm really excited for is when they can bathe together. Right now Harry doesn't understand why Elliot can't just be handed to him in the tub. But recently I've seen this tub seats and I think I'll grab one when Elliot can sit up. Harrison will enjoy it for sure.

In fact, I just think it'll be fun to see Elliot react to Harrison. As soon as ole Harry gets a giggling audience he will be beside himself.

And now to get ingredients to make my Cookie Butter Bread Pudding to take to Thanksgiving tomorrow.