Mahon-Menorco Cheese, Ham & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

November 14, 2018

When we were in Puerto Rico about 5 years ago I had the most amazing breakfast sandwich in San Juan. To be totally clear, I ate that sandwich every single day we were in San Juan for breakfast. 

So when it came time to come up with an entree for the Mahon Cheese Holiday Blogger Recipe Challenge I went straight to the idea I have been sitting on for years now. 

Even better, my little Spanish inspired sandwich uses real Spanish cheese. 

This ham, egg, and cheese sandwich sits somewhere between the breakfast sliders my mother made when we were kids and something slightly more special with the fig preserves added to the mix. 

I used the Tender Mahon-Menorca Cheese for this recipe and with its sharp taste the addition of fig preserves and dusting of powdered sugar really balanced the strong flavors. This is the younger of the three Mahon cheese options having only been cured for 21-60 days. It's the softer cheese of the three with a buttery taste. 

Mahon-Menorca Cheese, Ham, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Serves 4
4 Sweet Hamburger Buns (such as the Hawaiian Bun variety)
1/2 lb thin sliced ham
4 eggs, fried
4 tsp fig jam
4 thin slices of Tender Mahon-Menorca Cheese
Butter, for frying eggs and toasting the bread
powdered sugar for dusting

Assemble the breakfast sandwiches with a teaspoon of fig jam on one side of the bread. Top with two slices of ham, a slice of Tender Mahon-Menorca Cheese, and a fried egg. Place the top of the bun onto the sandwich and toast in a buttered pan until cheese is warm. Dust the sandwich with powdered sugar and serve hot. 

I made some of the sandwiches with a runny egg, but for mine I fried it hard. Anyone else a fan of a fried hard egg?

Mahón-Menorca Cheese can be purchased nationwide at Whole Foods, and
at other fine retailers such as Fairway Markets, Harris Teeter, Saveway, Kroger, Murray’s, Central
Markets, Costco, Gourmet Garage, West Side Markets, Zabar’s, Central and Town & Country Markets in Seattle and at the best specialty stores all over the country.