Favorite Books from 2017

January 10, 2018

I'm doing my best to remember this one because the library system changed how it was saving what I read... well I lost my record and am going off of what I can remember. 

These are just a, but a few of my favorites from the year. 

I also read all of the Against All Grain cookbooks as well as the new Pioneer Woman Dinnertime cookbook and loved them all. 

First up, the newest Robb Wolf book from 2017, Wired to Eat. 

I was already delving into Keto a bit when it was released but this really had me go full force. It's changed how I feel and I really love his take on nutrition. He's a Paleo person I've really trusted. 

Then to continue down the Keto path, I read The Keto Reset by Mark Sisson. 

He has some wonderful recipes in here, so great that I added them to my recipe box. His broccoli and chicken casserole is to die for. 

Again, he's a long time Paleo person I trust. I tend towards more of the 50g carb thing than the 20g because I feel better. 

Oh M.C. Beaton. I'm only putting up one photo of her book, but let me tell you I've read everything our library has on audio and am about to start the hard back books. 

I wish I had a favorite, but I have loved every single one of her books. Especially the Hamish McBeth and Regency Series. 

Meik Wiking's book The Little Book of Hygge could be the best lifestyle book of the year for me. 

This book really had me refocus how we were living. I got rid of items we didn't need and acquired stuff we loved. I wanted a more cozy home and changed some lighting around to achieve that. Heck this book probably has a little to do with my need for a tea service. 

I've been wanting to read something by Linda Thompson for ages simply because of the fact that she was Elvis's last real girlfriend. I know they broke up right before his death, but she was the one I wanted to read something from. 

A Little Thing Called Life didn't disappoint. 

I honestly could have cared less about the Bruce Jenner section. I read it, but it wasn't why I was reading. I also skimmed over her songs she wrote. 

Yeah, I just read this for the Elvis insight and really liked reading her perspective on him. 

Now, I'm not a Jillian Michaels fan, but I was bored, had nothing to read as far as nutrition went and was looking for something to do. I barely read this book y'all, like skimmed most of it. Don't judge me. 

I didn't follow her diet or workout at all, but in Slim for Life I did get one bit of nutrition insight that really sparked my interest. 

She mentioned that allergy meds like Zyrtec cause an appetite increase and can promote weight gain. 

I looked into several medical articles, and ding ding. Zyrtec is no bueno. 

No lie, I quite taking Zyrtec and Chlortabs immediately and saw a huge change in my hunger. My mother recently told me (and we have all been big allergy med people for years) that she quit taking it and without changing anything else she lost 10 lbs. I didn't have that drastic of an effect at all, but I'm not as hungry. Interestingly enough when I've been sick and added the allergy meds back in I find myself starving like I was previsouly. 

So there you have it. A few books I loved this past year. In 2018 I plan to keep a running list of what I'm reading so there's more to share next time.