Friday Five

December 15, 2017

This week's theme, high quality images. 

Just kidding. There are zero high quality images this week. 

1. Have I professed my undying love for La Croix lately? I haven't? Okay, I love it. 

This peach-pear flavor, awesome. This little drink is how I curb my sweet tooth after lunch at work and escape the Candy Cane filled with Hershey Kisses on my desk. 

2. Our Sunday School Christmas Tacky Sweater Party was last Saturday. I swear SS is such a small chunk of time every week, so it's really nice when we can all get together and chat. There was also food, don't think we didn't eat.

3. I swear I wish I had the photo on me from meeting Santa. Sunday night we took Harrison to Acadian Village to see the lights and get our annual Santa photo. Last year was a disaster if you recall, so I was in shock when he basically wanted to go home with Santa.

This child isn't one for strangers picking him up. He is will now be easily kidnapped by anyone in a Santa suit. That is how we'll lose him, look for in it your local news paper.

4. Jeremy called me the other morning to see the sunrise. Incredible right? However I don't know east from west and wandered out the front of the house with a robe on and one eye brow done. I'm a site to see before 7 AM people. A SIGHT. TO. SEE.

5. It's officially my favorite time of year... when you can download your Instagram Best Nine. It's your most liked photos from the year. This my friend is 2017. Summed up pretty well. Definitely all the highlights... no hair pun intended.

Here's a bonus 6 for you... I've been a long time pet owner and was recently asked to share an article about alternative medicine for your pets. Check it out here, they have a ton of interesting information. 

What have y'all been up to this week?