Friday Five

December 8, 2017

Y'all this week is officially ending in BEST WEEK EVER. Or at least the best Friday in the past decade. 

I jokingly shared a photo of Jeremy 8 years ago at our home in Monroe when it snowed, back in his shaggy hair days. It snowed today. 

Or considering how far south we live now... it SNEAUXED! 


We made sugar cookies with Harry the other day. Little bit loved every spec of icing he was able to consume.

If you're looking for a super easy recipe for them, I've got a great top secret family recipe... Betty Crocker. The bag sugar cookie mix makes amazing cut out cookies. Just follow the cut out directions on the back.


I'm thinking my Christmas crazy comes in cycles. Last year we had a whole tree and this year I opted for a tiny Charlie Brown live tree from Lowes. I tossed on Jeremy's lights from his ridiculous Stranger Things office decor last year and as Harrison says, "TA-DA!" You've got a simple Christmas at the Babb's house. Tree skirt not included and watering of the tree not happening... Christmas will die before I know it. 


This month's post at Lafayette Moms Blog is up and running, check it out here. <<<


Somehow I ran out of my beloved Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown this week. How does this happen?!? I spent the entire last day of brows trying to figure out what I was going to use since I live too far away from an Ulta to replenish on a weekday... and gurl can't be roaming around sans brows in her 30's. Nope. Not happening. 

After I probably talked my partner teacher's ears off about brow pencils all day I decided to give the Wonder Brow Wonder 2 a chance, when I got to CVS (yes, it's carried there now) I discovered they had the brow pencil. 

And all the angels sang!!

I couldn't commit to the original Wonder2, but the brow pencil works great and comes off easy. Not too easy... it does last ALL day. 

The difference in the pic is just awesome. The left is the eyebrow of a 31 year old who tormented her brows during the 90s, and on the right is the brow of a millennial who didn't pluck her eye brows during that horrid time in American history. Big win for me! Also... no Drag Brow. Praise Jesus! 


It snowed today!!!!!! 

Harrison was impressed until his hands got cold and it was over. I however stayed outside like the true child I am and am sure pneumonia is in my future. It doesn't snow often (8 years ago last time) so all snow much be watched until melted away. Can't waste it people, toddlers don't understand that yet. 

Never fear, he had on more clothing. This was round two and only for a few minutes.