Thanksgiving Break Recap

November 29, 2017

We kicked off Thanksgiving break by heading to my favorite place on earth. Some families go to Disney, this one goes to Ikea. 

It was a successful trip, we got new bedding, a big boy bed, several decorative items, and a much smaller desk. Considering many of the things in our house are hand-me-down or just plain wore out I really love that we are replacing them. 

We also made a pit stop by Buc-ee's and bought everything they sold. I was slightly out of control. 

To give Harrison an incentive for being trapped in the car or in a buggie so much we went by the children's museum in Houston. We highly recommend it. Especially the toddler area up stairs. Totally worth the money to get in. 

The first turkey I ever cooked... wait that would be the second. I'm just remembering that I smoked one in college once. Aw the smoker days.

Anyway, I tried to follow what a another blogger was doing to defrost it... come Wednesday when I was ready to brine that sucker was still an ice cube.

It all worked out in the end. I moved it to an ice chest and the bird actually thawed out and cooked through. Thank you whoever invented the convection oven, I greatly appreciate that feature on my oven.

I kinda shocked myself with getting everything prepped ahead of time and then everything came out of the oven at noon.

Well, except the carrots that cooked at 375 on convection through two other casseroles... totally two hours in the oven. True story, they were still crunchy.

The carrots absolutely refused to be cooked.

My long time food helper is at the age where he can make dishes alone with guidance from me. He made hash brown casserole, cornbread dressing, something else I can't remember before he was over it and wanted to play. 

That ended up being the Joshua and Harrison watching me cook while they ate ice cream show. 

Harrison is obsessed with Joshua and I'm pretty positive I could get him to talk if I could also convince Joshua to ask him to say words. But getting an 8 year old to be agreeable who isn't that interested in toddlers is it's own problem. 

I offered to pay him a dollar to get a waffle in front of Harrison. He didn't go for it. 

Mother dearest had us all wear turkey shirts. The only person jumping for joy was Harrison.

After we had all gotten dressed he made it clear he wanted a turkey shirt. So off I went to get his out and dress the poor un-turkey-shirt-ed boy. Mr. Fabulous had to look at himself in the mirror and immediately proclaimed "Ta-Da!" when he say himself. 

Not pictured are the two days of holiday shopping that ended with a half naked toddler and me being hangry. 

The mall is not my friend. It is definitely not my friend on Black Friday.