Saturday Five?

November 11, 2017


Jeremy was awarded Louisiana School Psychologist of the year this week. Super excited is clearly an understatement of my feelings on the subject. Love that hard working guy. 


I finally colored my hair after wanting to do it since roughly 1997. If you live near Lafayette, Lanie at Hue Salon is amazing. She's been coloring my coworkers hair and I decided she was the way to go... and I wasn't wrong. 


Jeremy is a runner, I'm more of a weight lifter type. 

I'd like to get into cardio more, but I'm not an outside runner... except maybe when it's cold. I really love a good elliptical though. I recently found an app/website that's super cool and geared towards cardio workouts. The beauty of it if that it's like what I love about BOD for my weight workouts at home, but this is all audio cardio workouts that include music. 

Which we all know is totally needed for any sort of cardio. Cardio minus music is just torture. 

So I thought I'd share what I found, it's called Aaptive

Below are a few screenshots of the app so you can see how it works. You can choose from the type of cardio you want to do and even do training courses. There's a 7 day free trial option if you want to test it out. 


In other news, the camilla bush bloomed (I was corrected after believing for three years it was a gardenia, ya live and ya learn) and Harrison played in the yard with his dreamy curls. Why doesn't my hair look like that anymore? 


If you didn't see the Party Sandwich Pasta recipe I put together for the TresOmega recipe competition then you need to check it out. I'm actually making it again tonight for dinner. It's that quick and easy, I'm even changing the meat and using some apple and chicken sausage because I have it on hand.