9 Years of Louisiana Bride

October 31, 2017

Today marks 9 whole years of blogging at Louisiana Bride. To celebrate I thought I'd share a little about how it came about, especially for any new comers that don't remember the all wedding posts all the time past of the past.

Halloween might seem like an odd time to start a wedding blog, it is, and I don't remember why today was the day I wanted to start it. We were engaged over two months already, but I guess wedding planning was just getting into full swing. Either way, I recall so vividly opening up my Dell laptop on in my loft bedroom from my first little townhouse and finally committing to a name to start this little wedding blog.

I regret to this day not saving all my previous title banners, over the course of the first two years my tag line changed many times.

I started out as Louisiana Bride & a Mississippi Wedding, copying the Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn song Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man.

The original plan was to quit writing after the wedding. What else was I going to write about? The wedding was over and it was time to end this puppy after the honeymoon.

Then the wedding happened and I recall my former pastor's wife and another church member asking me about the blog and then telling me I had to continue it. I should just keep writing about daily life.

And so I did.

It was rough at times, there was a big thing with bloggers with bloggers around 2010 to know your niche. Oh that stupid niche.

Instead of just writing for the sake of writing every now had to "know their niche." At the time I followed a ton of food bloggers and mom bloggers, I was neither. I was writing about daily life, journaling.

Over time lifestyle became a thing, but by then I was posting recipes constantly. So I was a "food blogger."

Luckily the niche deal opened up a tad and I eventually could call myself food & lifestyle since I still posted about daily life and things I loved.

Still though my most popular posts are recipes.

Then there was that time I got kicked out of Southern Blog Society because I posted phone photos in my pregnancy recap posts. I think it must have caused a few deaths, some might have lost their religion. Either way I learned that the "blog society" thing that was attempting to take off was a massive joke and served me zero purpose. The helped mainly the fashion blogger type with the invites to local fashion shows and such. Literally zero food stuff.

So yeah, I'm a blog society reject.

Forget them though, I've been writing longer than they've existed anyway.

(end snark towards blog crap)

So anyway, new bloggers or new people wanting to blog... let me tell you this... just write. Your niche develops over time. Don't go into this expecting to get paid just because Pinterest has tons of articles of bloggers saying how they made 4 figures their first month. They're sell outs who don't like blogging anyway, it's all click bait. Just write for yourself, maybe someone will read, maybe they won't. If they don't... who cares. I'm not writing this for them anyway.

In the end this is just a big diary that happens to be posted online. It's where I can store my recipes without taking up space in my home. And if something happens or some posts gets noticed and posted elsewhere then good for it, it's not the reason to write. Don't write to be famous, write to get your thoughts out of your head and record them somewhere.