31 Days - Traditions

October 3, 2017

Family traditions, everyone has them. Or almost everyone has them. Some more than others, I'm sure we'd have more if we lived closer together. 

Today I'm sharing my favorite Cater family tradition. 

Christmas is really the pinacle of holidays for me, and it has nothing to do with presents. I could actually do away with presents and be just fine.

Christmas Eve is basically where the party is at for me. We spend that day making every appetizer you can think of, way more than we need for our small group.

Some years we also roll tamales and make salsa.

Then after stuffing our faces everyone piles into the car and we drive around looking at Christmas lights. There's usually a stop somewhere for hot chocolate. Although, I think we made our own last year.

But that's basically it! I'd like to add in some festive pajamas, but the guys aren't easily talked into those things. Christmas movies would be okay, except we aren't staying up that late.

So share with me, what is you favorite family tradition?