Harry Antics

March 25, 2017

This whole 2 year old thing might be my favorite, I'm pretty sure I've said it many times over many stages. But 2 is flat hilarious. 

For instance, at bible study Thursday someone had brought a cake for a couple of birthdays. Harrison was mildly excited about, until he heard us singing "Happy Birthday." He immediately came rushing into the kitchen, climbed onto the bench, and yelled, "YAY CAKE WHOO HOO YES CAKE!" All while pumping his fists in the air. It continued on for several minutes, mind you, and we all got a kick out of it.

In addition to his proclamation of love for cake, he did the same thing tonight at Cracker Barrel when the biscuits arrived, he doesn't even like biscuits. I personally believe he just likes to cheer and get excited.

To further that point, he was searching for Jeremy so we go could through our bedtime routine the other night, Jeremy was practicing guitar for Sunday at the time. Harrison went in babbling what clearly meant, "come on now" and Jeremy said, "I have to turn everything off first." Harry held his hand in a death grip through the entire turning off of all the guitar equipment ordeal and when he was just turning off the very last thing Harrison proudly exclaimed, "You did it! Yay!" and clapped his hands above his head.

Granted in the photo above the child is playing with a piece of sugar cane that he got his hands on, but his real preference is sticks. He carries sticks everywhere, insists we sword fight him, and then I magically find sticks all over the house come Saturday when I start cleaning.

Perfect example of the toddler, blurry. He is just blurry these days. This was while I was trying to get a pick for Mom of him in the Kelly's Kids vest she scored at their last big sale. 

To add to the "new things at 2" phase, my child who clearly had a vivid memory of me clipping his finger when he was a month old and had held it against me ever since, decided he likes when I trim his nails and toes. 


It was sudden. As sudden as in, the week before he fought me and now he isn't. I'd almost blame it on some milk toddler concussion he more than likely acquired at some point during his weekly falling down and running into everything that exists. The idea that feelings and preferences can change with the toddler wind is just mind boggling. 

That's probably what makes it more fun. 

Also, allow me to disclose that two months ago we were knee deep in terrible "I'm not even 2 yet" tantrums. They ended. Now it's peachy keen most of the time. They'll come back, he's just plotting it for when I've decided they're never coming back, just as a means of spiting me.