High Five For... Saturday?

April 30, 2016

I've been on my own case to share more of our daily lives on here lately. My time slot to blog has just slowly be dwindling down with the active kiddo cruising around.

Last night I made my favorite pressure cooker meal, it's on MPM for this week, and it makes me want to make everything in their.

As in, I need the slow cooker for bone broth and for tonights dinner and I'm wondering if I can get away with putting dinner in here tonight.

I think I will.

Little dude has been crashing in the evenings after we nurse before bed. It's clearly because napping was against his constitution this week and then having a flaming fit for a solid hour + every night wasn't helping. 

Luckily last night he took a break from the nonsense and I got to sleep until 5. (all the praise hands)

With that said...

Y'all. State testing week is already a big UGH, so top that off with zero sleep and no chance of going to the bathroom after having coffee and you've got a pretty cranky Emily on your hands. 

What's sad is that I only drink decaf, it just brightens my mood to have a hot drink in the AM. 

Subsequent bad hair days due to humidity didn't help the situation either. 

If you haven't tried Skinny Taste's Eggs Pizzaiola you're doing yourself a disservice. I added zucchini noodles to it this week for everyone (not just mama) and I stand by this being one of my favorite cheap and quick meals. 

In other news, baby be touching evvv-re-thang. Everything! 

So therefore all books we like were moved out of reach and all the "go ahead and destroy that" was moved down. 

The down side are all the displaced photos that are now in this house and are on the verge of being sent to a photo refugee camp in the guest room. 

Now I'm going to peace out of here and go workout and mop before the child appears to be moving on the monitor. 

Bleach mopping to be specific because our 1000 year old dachshund has taken it upon herself to pee or poop every blooming day in the kitchen by the door. 

It's just lovely.