Easter, a little late

April 6, 2016

We took pics of the boys after church on Sunday, sadly ole Daddy-O wasn't in them because by the time he got home the baby was long since asleep. 

Just part of being on music and the baby and I going to the early service. 
Such is life. 

Where last year was the "screaming sleepy baby picture", this year proved to be more of a "oh my word quit moving" year. 

I tried to get one of him and Joshua sitting next to each other, that was a bust. 
So instead we aimed at the restraint pose. 
Which is basically a "I look like I'm sitting in my cousin's lap but really he's holding me down."

That's the best I could get of the two of them like that. 
Josh had his head basically flipped to the side for half the pictures and my child looks like he is in fact being restrained. Which he was, he was very much being restrained. 

The grandkids with their Gigi, or G as she was shortened to by Joshua. 

I'm not going to lie, I almost didn't post one of myself. 

Now that nursing has dwindled to a "I'd really like you to wean but you won't give up morning and night" routine I immediately packed on 10 pounds. I fee like I can see every ounce of it in my face here. 

The issue is figuring out how to lose it, honestly, and next week I'm going to be tracking my food a bit more than I do with Whole30. I just got to willy nilly with the potatoes this last round and my body wasn't burning it off like it did back when we were nursing 12 times a day during that first postpartum Whole30. Plus it doesn't help that it's hard as heck to workout after work when the baby didn't sleep good, after being around kids all day I just want to lay down. 

But enough of that nonsense...

Harrison's first Easter Basket - I didn't do one last year. Postpartum was hitting me hard and I was doing good to appear to be functioning.

This year he got a few books, a bunny, and some organic baby cookies.

I love all the books I bought, but Wolfie the Bunny is the funniest one by far...just in case you are making a Scholastic order soon. I totally recommend it.