Whole30 Update

June 16, 2015

I'm not done with Whole30, but I thought I'd give a little update today. 

With Father's day coming up, and having Whole30'd through our anniversary I decided to take a week off. I cheated twice last week, must be hormones. And then this week I didn't plan as well as I thought I did and I noticed that when I'm not getting enough protein I tend to crave sweets more.

When in reality I could just munch away on beef and almonds.

There is an official Whole30 starting July 1st so I'm giving myself the space to have a few cheats the next week before starting up full fledged again. I think I'll be more motivated then.

Now what killed my Whole30 this time? A few factors: 1) I hosted our girls night and had ice cream on hand that lingered around the house. 2) We went on a date to a coffee shop. And 3) I was super stressed and ate a brownie at Small Group.

Granted 2 ice cream treats and a brownie aren't nearly as bad as what I was doing during pregnancy and for the 3 months following, but it still wasn't good.

As soon as I ate those things I noticed a difference, the brownie didn't cause a problem... but I'm lactose intolerant and apparently the baby appreciates it when I don eat dairy either.

I got a terrible stomach ache and wouldn't you know he woke up every single hour with gas pains.

There were also a few things that really changed because of Whole30 >>>
1) (For this one you should know I exclusively breastfeed and that's why this change has occurred) Harrison's gassy issues subsided. He rarely needs gas medicine and is sleeping much longer stretches during the night. Which has made me decide that aside from the teaspoon of half & half I like to have in my coffee it's straight Paleo/Primal until I'm done nursing. At least in an 80/20 format. I will likely eat more around a 90/10 but I've gotta give myself the Lewie to have treats so I'm not DYING for treats.

2) This is totally TMI but after having the baby I was suffering, and I mean suffering from hemorrhoids. 3 months of bleeding to the point that I was ready to call the doctor and after 2 weeks of Whole30 that completely healed itself.

***Before getting pregnant I ate Primal (basically Paleo with some dairy) and never had the issues that pregnancy and all my prego junk food brought with it.

3) I lost a little bit of weight. Roughly 5lbs, which makes a total of 50 lbs lost after having the baby and only 10 more to go. The slight weight loss made it so that I could wear a few non maternity pants I have in the closet.

I'm hoping that after this week break, which isn't really a break, that I'll be ready to go for the official Whole30 in July. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are still all Whole30. I'm just allowing myself a little of the cake I'm making Jeremy for Father's Day and to eat what everyone else is when we go hang out with some friends for Father's Day on Sunday.

My biggest issue is having a partner in crime for such events, when Jeremy was all in I did great. As he quit I struggled to stick to it.

So there we go, 23 days of Whole30 with a minor slip and I've already got positive health changes.

Who all is planning to participate in the official group Whole30 in July?