Weekly Recap

May 26, 2015

This was supposed to go up Friday, but hopefully with school being out I can get back into a nice schedule (life included) over the summer.

I received both of the new Super Sizer mascara and Intensify me! eyeliner from Covergirl to test out the other day and I was surprised how much I like them. The mascara is nice, although the bush isn't my favorite bush on the market.

The eyeliner though...

Oh the eyeliner!

I've never actually bought liquid eyeliner because I couldn't apply it to save my life. This though, it comes in a pencil type applicator with a tip like a felt tip pen. Depending on how you hold it you can either have a thin line or thick. It stayed on really well (and with my watery allergy eyes that says a lot), but when I buy some of it myself I will be getting a lighter color.

I'm not a huge jet black fan.

One of my sweet kiddos sent me home with those flowers. 

With school officially being out for us I can honestly say that year 6 of teaching was the best year so far. I almost hate to say it because it could easily be blamed on where I work, it's one of those country schools that doesn't have nearly the issues I've seen at the city schools I've taught in. 

The term city being used very lightly because I'm not sure you can call Bastrop a city, but the school in town was a totally different ball game from the one I taught at on the outskirts of town there. 

The kids this year were genuinely good people. They were kind and caring (98% of the time... they are still human) They actually gave me hope that the kids coming up in the world these days are still good.

So often you see kids in bad families not being taught well, and really not being treated well. You treat people the way you are treated, so it's hard to expect a child who is constantly beat and put down to be able to treat everyone better than what they see. 

All I can say is that I hope to have many more years like this. Children who are eager to learn and supportive parents make it much more enjoyable to teach in the current crummy state of education in this state. 

This little olive skinned baby is getting so big. Plus the men's style dress shirt onesies from Carter's are to die for. 

I had a funny episode on the last student day. 

As I was headed to the office to pump the power went out. 

Now I could fill my battery pack and unplug, but considering it takes 8AA batteries and you can only use it 8 times before it loses suction I just assume hook up to a power outlet. 

That being said I think I need a car adapter. 

I'm in full on get back on track health wise around here.

However, pregnancy took a toll on me. I had to quit lifting weights at the end of my 7th month due to all the pain I was having... working out just make it worse. That two shorts months and then two more recovering from having the baby took down my yoga stamina big time. 

Also the Whole30... we on are day 2 and my faux hunger is way worse then it was the last time I did one. Granted the last time I wasn't eating like this before hand. I also say faux hunger because there is no earthly way I'm hungry with all I'm eating, I'm just craving sweets like crazy. 

I think that about sums up last week... maybe this Friday we can be on track with this week!