a little bit of life

May 13, 2015

 This was supposed to be a Five on Friday post, but that whole exhaustion and having a baby got in the way.

(Spell Check is a bust today, so don't judge the spelling errors... I typed fast)

I actually celebrated Mother's Day early when Jeremy got back from Colorado. I've been watchless for about a year and told him I could use a new one, I was mainly just hoping I could convince him to pop into the H&M that was close to their hotel. 

Oh course, Jeremy being Jeremy upgraded me from my usual Target $15 watch. I'm not at all a present person, I really only tell him to get me things I need, so this was a huge surprise. I could tell time just fine on my cheap watch. He had to laugh at me for being impressed that I had a watch that the second timer worked and wasn't fake! 

You've gotta love him. Granted every year won't be like this, I sure hope not at least. He said it was my push present/first Mother's Day gift. There's also been talk of that Satsuma tree I've been wanting. Eek!!

Little Dude seems to be trucking along as fat as ever. This week he decided to coo to get my attention while we were getting ready for work when he should have been asleep. When I walked over to see what he wanted he just grinned and kept talking. I sense a bit of a ham in our future... and a very on the go little boy. 

I survived my first week back at work, even though it was state testing week. I also came back to stacks upon stacks of paperwork. 

But I think I've gotten it under control. PTL!

 Pumping in the cume folder closet at work has been interesting. Especially since it's the end of the year and teachers need their folders to complete paperwork. I suspect I will have pumped with half the staff by the time my year of nursing/pumping ends.

Thank the good Lord for Piko tops, they are built in nursing covers.

Last Friday we had a "free dress" day, which turned into a free dress day this week for our belated Teacher Appreciation Week (due to testing). From a truly 90's teen who started wearing uniforms in '97 I was in hog heaven.

I may or may not be sporting my Birkenstocks.

I also may or may not be dressing like I did in the '90s as well. But hey, shirts and Birkens are a perfectly cute way to dress. Keep in mind I'm far more crunchy an relaxed than a dressed up kinda gal.

Also, over my 2 month leave I only washed my hair every other day, this has led to being able to continue that. It took 2 months to get my hair to look on the 3rd day like it use to look the next day. Yay for more sleep!!