Old Fashion Better than Sex Cake

December 4, 2014

I really expected this to be a chocolate version of the Better than Sex Cake, but considering Nanny hated chocolate it's no wonder there isn't an ounce of chocolate to be found in this recipe. 

She always said that Reese's ruined perfectly good peanut butter, if that is any indication of her disdain for chocolate. 

Old Fashion Better than Sex Cake via @labride

I know a lot of people are coconut picky, just leave it off if that's your crowd. Or even use walnuts in place of pecans. 

This is a Southern woman's recipe, everything in their recipe books seems to contain some coconut and pecans somewhere. 

As a side note, almond milk does not work with instant pudding. Don't even try it. 

The beauty of the recipes that come from our grandmother's between the 50's and 60's is that they weren't from scratch. They grew up with everything from scratch, hence the cake mix and cool whip. These women were ready to leave the from scratch cooking behind. 

For the most part. 

Old Fashion Better than Sex Cake via @labride

Old Fashioned Better than Sex Cake

1 box yellow cake mix
15.5 oz can crushed pineapple 
1 cup sugar
4 bananas
large instant vanilla pudding mix 
large cool whip
1 1/2 cups coconut 
1 cup chopped pecans
+ingredients needed for pudding and cake mix (according to instructions)

Bake one box of yellow cake mix according to directions. 

Mix 15.5 oz can of crusted pineapple and 1 cup sugar in a sauce pan over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Pour over cake while hot. Slice 4 bananas over cake. Mix large instant vanilla pudding mix according to directions, pour over cake. Top with large cool whip. Mix 1 1/2 cups coconut and 1 cup pecans and sprinkle over top. Keep refrigerated. 

Old Fashion Better than Sex Cake via @labride