28 Weeks

December 23, 2014

We've finally hit the 3rd trimester!

This are about to get real around here, ready or not.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 28 weeks
Size of baby: Baby H is the size of a coconut
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and bras, and Piko tops. Plus whatever of Jeremy's that fits.
Gender: Boy
Movement: All day, he moves a lot in the morning or at night when I've gotten up. We've finally hit the point were he will stick out a fist or his head and I have a knot sticking out of my stomach ha!
Sleep: Not too bad, the heating pad helps.
Cravings: Nothing really sticks out this week, it's just been so hot that Sonic ice is really appealing. Which I'll have to live without since we are out of school for two weeks. (we have a glorious ice machine at work)
Highlight this week: At the end of the week we are headed to Houston for our babymoon/furniture buying Ikea extravaganza!