High 5 for Friday//10 Weeks

August 22, 2014

I've been a horrible blogger lately, but let's make an attempt at getting back on schedule with my old favorite Friday post!

1. Nausea meds are the best thing on earth. I still feel awful in the evening even though I'm taking them, but let's just imagine before the meds when I stayed in bed for days and couldn't eat anything. Four more weeks and I'm hopefully clear from the nausea.

2. I've always loved vinegar, but pickles and vinegar do wonders for nausea. This and salsa are the only ways I can stomach vegetables.

3. Summer is coming to an end, so we've gotta soak up the snow cones while we can. The place in town we go to doesn't have a ton of flavors, I tend to only get Strawberry Shortcake there. What I really miss is Debbie's in West Monroe, their stuffed Banana Pudding one was to die for!

4. Who doesn't love Sonic ice right? I somehow magically landed at a school that has an ice maker that makes that golden stuff. They will seriously have to drag my dead body out of here one day. In all seriousness though, it's a really great school. Lots of pressure because it's so high preforming, but a great school.

5. Now for the pregnancy update that I've been too nauseous to blog all week >>>

Pregnancy Highlights::

How far along: 10 weeks
Size of Baby: Kumquat
Maternity clothes: Just bras, but I'll be working pants in soon. What I had just isn't working.
Gender: No idea
Movement: Nope
Sleep: Not great lately, but I've never been a good sleeper. The headaches and joint pain get to me. I think it's from not wearing good shoes and starting back at work. 
What I miss: Eating healthy without throwing up
Cravings: Apples, Tostitos, and Voodoo Zapps
Aversions: Everything else. Thinking about food makes me throw up. I have to take out pills and leave them places to take later, taking them out makes me gag. 
Symptoms: Nausea and a few other things I'm not talking about. 
Best Moment of the Week: Not exactly good, but funny to think back on. I was dead set to cook dinner this week and got home Monday to get dinner going. I kid you not, I touched a bag of frozen chicken and puked in the kitchen. Not only can I not eat or think about it, I can't touch it apparently either these days ha! 

I'm seriously wondering how people have several children. Michelle Duggar is an anomaly to me right now.