Jeremy's Graduation Recap

June 10, 2014

There really isn't much to say about graduations... they're all the same and we've all been to one.

I'll tell you this much though, because I'm not going to talk for the entire post, Jeremy got his Specialist in School Psychology. The most exciting part by far was that the 6 of them came on state to be hooded before anyone else came to get their diploma.

We wore our hoods in, so I was slightly the hoarse screaming wife who was forced to sit in the floor to take pics by a police officer. I was just a little too excited to not scream, little did I know I was feeling bad because I had a fever... and the flu. At least I didn't get the bad symptoms until after we got home! I would have postponed anything to watch him graduate!

The hooding ceremony, thanks to our last name Jeremy went first. 

Look at us having a picture together! 

I'd say it's been an exciting five years of marriage.