I Heart Pinterest - DIY Home Edition

June 11, 2014

Everyone once in awhile I stumble upon a ton of Pinterest DIY projects I want to make, this week was one of those weeks.

I now have a zillion new things I want to add to our house... when we buy though.

My love for white kitchens and open shelving just can't be beat. I love the bookshelf, I definitely need one for my cookbook collection. 

Would it not be amazing to have this in the backyard? A hammock is nice, but two people would fit here much better! 

More white kitchens, I just love this farm sink. 

I'm actually thinking of making this fabric magnet board for my classroom next year to go behind my desk. 

This is a great dresser update, it'd be cute in a kids room or in a large bedroom. I just can't imagine things in our tiny bedroom right now!

I love this Pottery Barn inspired desk, it means I'll have to start scouring the Goodwill stores around here to find what I need!

If you've been to my house, or check out the DIY section of this blog you know how much I love my antiqued blue door. So it should be no surprise I would love this door/mirror. 

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