I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

April 23, 2014

We just got back to my parents house, after a whirlwind visit to the farther north of Monroe. With two days nearly wi-fi free, I'm insanely happy to be touching a keyboard again. Plus Jeremy picked movies to watch on his computer at night... The Green Mile was not on my top movies to watch when disconnected from Netflix list.

But alas, life goes on.

In other news, Latin Food (restaurant) in West Monroe is amazing! It's all straight up Honduran food (my favorite variety of Latin with the best Cuban coffee you ever did run into.

Holy caffeine amazingness!

There were also some sneeky things that went down to prep for Jeremy's 5 year anniversary present. It's a surprise that he wouldn't expect at all, and I share a bit more about it next month. Only after he finds out of course.

Now for the pinning, because I did so much of it while the guys watched Thor Monday night!

I love white subway tile and glass jars. 

I'm saving this idea for when we buy, but then again I could totally make a few of these now to outside this summer! 

Cold brewed coffee at home, I'm making this when we get back home. It's definitely gotten too hot for hot coffee. Cold brewed with Jeremy's iceed coffee recipe would be insanely good. 

For some reason I'm in the mood to make a lot of homemade popsicles this year. I've had trouble with my plastic molds, but I'm thinking if I get the paper cups like these it would work out better. I honestly don't care so much about this recipe, just the paper cones for popsicles. 

Yes, yes, yes! Planning to do this on our next bed. Unless Jeremy changes his mind about letting me paint our giant bed antique white. 

This is true, so true that the old man agreed that it perfectly described. If only y'all could hear all the women living in my head talking at the same time lol:)

My hair naturally goes to this color during the summer (I have virgin hair and never plan to dye it until the grey sets in.), but I am really liking the cut and curl!

Speaking of hair and makeup I love, Jessie James Decker is my hair/makeup crush right now. I am in love with how she does it... plus she's from good ole Louisiana! 

She has a few makeup tutorials on her Tumbler, and I happened upon a list of what she uses on Pinterest. 

Here's her hair tutorial I'm loving right now >>>

Y'all! Mom made this PW recipe and said it is amazingly tasty, she did mention that she'd prefer to make it with mashed potatoes and half the recipe. 

I'm loving this verse printable that I found last week. Such a powerful verse.