Merge Camp Recap

June 27, 2013

Last week I was partially missing, you may not have noticed because I scheduled all my posts... but as far as social media went I had dropped off the earth. 

Why is that you ask?

We took our youth group to Memphis for Merge Missions Camp. In the event you have some say in where your youth group goes next year, Jeremy and I would both highly suggest this camp. 

Growing up I always attended the Lifeway Fuge camps, Merge was on the same level as Fuge but with better food and way better prices. For our small group it was definitely worth what we paid.

I really can't say enough good things about FBC Millington and how well they put on Merge this year, their volunteer staff for camp was amazing.

So what does your day at this camp look like?

Well first thing everyone had breakfast then the kids and leaders split up for separate devotional sessions. Afterwards we packed up and headed out to our mission sites where we worked until mid afternoon before heading back to the camp for a few hours of free time. Next we had our little youth group planning meeting to recap what happened on our mission site that day and to discuss what we wanted to do the next day. Immediately after we had dinner, then worship, Merge games, and they capped it off with more free time.

I was worried our group wouldn't be into the games, they aren't all the super gamey type, but everyone had a blast. Plus with all of the great team games it gave everyone a chance to do a bit of team building and our small group got a chance to become a tight knit one and developed several inside jokes. 

I love anything though that gives students a chance to cheer each other on, it seriously builds their bonds with each other. 

Our girls are so diverse that on the first night in the room, while they were all just having random conversations, the other girls leader and I forced a little impromptu game of questions and answers on them much like what I do in my classroom at the beginning of the year. Afterwards, Sara and I looked at each other with a slight "surprise it worked" looked and realized a little controlled conversation where everyone had a chance to lead what we were talking about for a few minutes so that everyone felt heard was just what they needed. 

Young girls tend to either not talk at all and others dominate the conversation, so I always like to give everyone a chance to be heard. 

I'm convinced the boys had it easier, girls are a handful. 

Camp is hard on my teacher personality type anyway, I like to get 8 hours of sleep every night and follow rules like crazy. Little girls on the other hand like to stay up late and see what they can get away with bending. 

I'd go back with this group next year in a heart beat though! 

So one of the big things at camp was a dance called The Interlude, the students loved it and danced around like crazy every time it came on. When we got back they wanted to make their own video, so this past weekend I videoed them and Jeremy did the edits. It isn't the best video quality ever, but they had fun.