High 5 for Friday

June 7, 2013

I couldn't be happier that it's Friday, then again everyday might as well be Friday for the next few weeks since school is out. Then again I almost want to retract that statement since the Civic Center when I can walk/run in the AC for free is closed on the weekends.

But let's get on to what was great about this week.

1. I got my Influenster Spring Fever Voxbox in and have been testing it out for a few days now. Any box that comes in the mail containing a Tastykake is to die for though.

2. Sunday we got together with some friends and had crawfish, it was an adventure getting it... but it was so worth it. It was my first and last little mini crab boiled crustaceans for the season. There really is nothing better than time spent with close friends where you can just be yourself and have fun.

3. 5 Minutes for Mom announced their interns for the summer! Guess what? I managed to get a spot, how, I'll never know. I am super excited to learn more about everything blog world this summer. We are already a few meetings in and I feel like my brain could burst with information. What does that mean for this blog? Only that it could get better haha. I will be busting my butt to keep up here while getting my work done over at 5 Minutes for Mom in the next three months.

4. Ellie pulled her not-so-usual-but-she-does-it-to-prove-a-point stunt yesterday. Time apparently lapsed in my head and the dogs had been out playing for an hour or so. They usually scratch or bark at the back door when they want in or out, and I hadn't heard a peep so I completely forgot and was sucked further into the show Arrested Development. Next thing I know I hear Ellie barking at the front door. Realize this, to get to our front door from the backyard home girl had to get through a sugarcane field. She definitely looked the part once I opened the door for her, she was covered in mud. She just pranced her happy self in and plopped down under the kitchen table. Where was Rudy in this scenario?  Still in the backyard. That little skunk has no desire to explore, while Ellie is constantly looking to see what she can get into. Funny thing is she never runs off, she just comes to the front door when she gets out.

5. Jeremy randomly decided he wanted to go play golf with me this week. Since it's never happened I quit cooking dinner and jumped in the car quite happily. Funny thing is I haven't touched a club in 6 years and the guys I hung out with in college never let me play a full game with them. With that I hit about one more than Jeremy at every hole, score! He seriously thought I'd be hitting it all over creation and turns out my drive is actually pretty straight, and slightly better than his. He can putt way better than I can though, that's where he beat me. Now I definitely know what out go to date will be for a long time, I'd much rather be outside doing something that at the movies or just eating any day.

Now tell me, what were your favorite moments from the week?