DS Conference cont. and some randomness

December 24, 2010

I just checked my email and found that our Life Group leader Susan had emailed us all the picture from the Deeper Still Conference with Beth Moore. Yay! I realize I said no more blogging till after the holidays...but I can't help myself.
It was so stinking cool to get to meet Beth, I have absolutely loved her studies...and needless to say I was super excited to meet her. They shuffled us through kind of fast due to the Siesta group being behind us, but I broke my way through our group and told her how much I loved So Long Insecurity

Yes, I am that cheese ball. 

I am willing to admit I attempted to do the same to Wayne Newton...and managed my way on stage with Little Richard. But only because I was not about to miss my chance. And as much as I love a Beth Moore study...I was not about to miss my chance to tell her how much I appreciate her ministry. 

She was such a nice lady. She didn't even call security on the teared up 20-something that wanted to hug her neck. But you can't say you wouldn't have blamed her. 

Looking at this picture makes me miss my long hair. Well the long part of it. Not the poofed up front. Yes Jeremy, I agree it doesn't look so hot. But it my bangs are at an awkward stage of growing out. 

Well they were. Now that we are all short and stuff that isn't quite a problem. But I do still have an inappropriate love of bobby pins and getting my hair out of my face. 

How did I go from Beth Moore to hair poof?

I digress.

Not only did I love the conference and feel God whooping me on the head moving in me and exceeding my expectations of the weekend...I was...and I state again...super pumped to meet Beth. 
Now on a related, but still not related note. I only have a week left to decide what two verses I want to start the year off with for the Siesta Scripture Memory Team. (that cute little spiral in the link and this are my early Christmas presents to myself) Decisions, decisions. 

Well I am off. After a day of cooking the girls around here are going to be lazy and watch a Christmas movie with little dude. Plus I am going to continue to look through Ephesians for something to start my year with. Any suggestions?

Feliz Navidad Bloggers!