{1st christmas with el nino}

December 26, 2010

Might I just say we took advantage of a baby that sleeps in and refused to wake him up. We didn't start doing presents till 9am. My poor parents were up by 7 every year with us. Poor mistreated parents. 

Even though it was raining Santa came to see us...he was a little late, but still made it before half the house was awake.  
I look like a hot mess, but Mummy Dear got me a web cam so I can Skype with Jeremy while he is on the other end of the state for the next few months. Seeing as how my Dell was created during the Dark Ages it does not have a video camera

Joshua figured out the present opening thing quick and helped his Mama out. She felt the need to stick ever bow to his head...which he honestly hated.
After all of that someone started fussing because he was hungry. I have never seen someone smile because they were getting a banana before. He just laid back, ate banana, and listened to the Chris Tomlin Christmas CD. 
Now of all the pups to get presents I think Maddie enjoyed hers the most. Annie loved her squeaky...but Maddie got her bone and sat under the tree until it was gone. 
After lunch the family headed out to take Christmas pictures. This didn't go over so well...seeing as how Vidalia does not believe in snow but instead insists it rains on Christmas day. I decided our only hope was to beg the hotel clerks to let us take a photo in front of their tree, thankfully they agreed.
Our little family. {Jeremy, me, Laura, Joshua, Mom, and Daddy} I didn't notice until later than Laura and I part our  hair opposite and fixed it the same, so it looks kind of mirror image...and odd. She just needs glasses and we could be twins. Oh notice the black shirts...Mom insisted we all match. Not "go-together", but flat out Twinkie match.
Laura and her baby are equally excited about pictures. Neither one of them ever wants to smile for the camera.
J and I. This is going to be out Christmas card picture for next year. Seeing as how he hates to take Christmas card pictures, it has forced me to be on the look out for the next card photo.
We had a fun filled...family filled day. It was fun having a baby around at Christmas for the first time in 19 years. I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas. I will be starting my diet riiiight...now.