{something old, something new, something borrowed, SOMETHING BLUE, and a lucky sixpence in your shoe}

March 13, 2009

Guess what came in the mail today...my earrings I ordered off off Etsy.com. Yes I have become obsessed with that site. But what the hey it totally goes with how I am and my weddingish theme. Well since the Martha Stewart obsession I've gone on a handmade kick, as you could prolly tell, and well everything I have been able to buy handmade has been handmade. Now don't worry the dress isn't handmade...but its from a smaller less known bridal company. But I have in fact been driving myself insane with all the diy projects. So with out further adieu, something that someone else handmade:

I had heard about the seller wiyomu from the i heart peonies blog, needless to say I loved the jewlery so much I ordered it the same day. And it finally came in!

So here ya go, something blue!

Now if I can only figure out something borrowed, and something old. New is obviously the dress, and hair piece... I ordered a sixpence, but who knows where it is in the land of pony mail...Mom mentioned using her garter for borrowed but I wouldn't be able to throw it so that won't work. Hmm decisions decisions. Maybe a vintage garter from Etsy for old?


  1. most everyone i know (myself included) got married with two garters on, one to throw and one to keep. so maybe you could wear your mom's and also a new one from etsy.

  2. I LOVE the earrings! They are so pretty!!!! And I agree about the garter. Wear your mom's and have another one to throw. Thats what most people do

  3. That's funny-- I got on here to say the same thing Mal and Gabby said. Good job, girls. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the earrings!!!