{odd things in walmart}

March 29, 2009

Today while wandering through Walmart and looking at the wedding stuff in hopes of finding a cheap-o garter(we are tossing it anyway why spend a ton right?) I happened upon something odd in the ugly cake topper section. It was a promo card for a photographer in North East Louisiana...that just so happened to have a code for $50 - $100 off any wedding package. So yeah I am now in possession of this card.

The photographer's website is www.matthewphoto.com. I would say his style is more traditional although he does have a few newer style pics in there. Matthew Lundell has been in photography for 10 years so he has some experience.

Oh and the promo code is: E5XOY

Just in case anyone is interested. And hey, if you are consider using him and would like the promo card (in case you need it) just let me know and I"ll mail it to you.

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