Claire Pettibone

December 3, 2008

So it's been quite a long time since I posted but between work, school, Thanksgiving, putting up the Christmas tree, and every other thing in life I haven't had time or even ideas to blog. Funny thing after we put the tree up the dogs decided they wanted to drink out of it, so now I've had to keep them baby gated out of the living room. Oh and wedding planning is coming along pretty good, I finally booked the photographer yesterday. If I had my dress (or had ever seen it in person) I could get married this month haha. Eventually something will come up that I haven't thought of.

Well enough of my rambling here are a few dresses from the Claire Pettibone line:

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  1. Wow you are Mrs. Organization. So I guess you could ELOPE this month. Oops I shouldn't even put the thought in your head. So do you have an idea of what kind of dress you want?