5 months left? Oh Gosh!

December 29, 2008

Happy New Year! Wow life has been busy, I've basically been working like a slave at Sage this Christmas season and haven't had enough time to do as much wedding planning as I had hoped. I told my manager I needed a actual work day off this week so I could go to Vidalia and talk to a florist and to my cake lady{whom I love, I don't like white cake that much and her's was amazing} and take poor Ellie for her yearly shots. I'll make sure to post again soon about the flowers and cake...not to mention my bird cage that came in the mail!

On a side note I guess it is true that the new year is a time for new things. After our insane night at work my manager asked me if I'd like to be a server. I honestly thought that was not an option for me considering the amount of trust I have gotten at that hostess stand from him. I have certainly worked my butt off to show him that I have the maddness under control {especially last night when we had 248 people in our little 20 table main dining room last night with two busy busy seatings}. I feel like a approached it wrong though when he asked me cause I said "Wait, what? I don't know! " and had to go find him later and say I would do it. But it is really good money, our top servers make close to 30,000 a year and considering I think I only made a third of that this year it is a change I need to not fear and dive right into.

Now for a wedding something or another...

So for our first dance we are planning on swing dancing. Well at least Jeremy can swing dance...or even dance for that matter. I on the other hand did not recieve enough of those hispanic genes from my daddy and am cursed with white girl dancing. So here it is for your entertainment...us practicing two different swing dance tricks.

I haven't figured out what this trick is called it's a Lindy Hop one but sad thing is every time he swings me around perfect I freak out and won't let him flip me. This one would have actually been good had I not refused to let go haha.

{this is our second attempt of the trick, the flip after that is something I have finally gotten use to after landing on my back several times...it helps to keep your eyes open;).}

I'm super excited about the swing dancing so long as I don't bust my butt at the wedding haha. We actually danced a little at the Sage Christmas party and people were pretty impressed with it. One girl asked me how I was ok with him dropping me as far as he did when we did a suicide dip, I just told her I didn't know how close to the ground I was till I messed up and hit the floor;). I'll try to get a video up of us actually dancing to music, I'd really like to see what it looks like since all I've seen of my swing dance abuse are these videos.


  1. Oh that was cute. I cant wait to see the real thing. I hope I can come.

  2. omg that looks like too much fun! y'all need to be on that show - rock the reception!