Hi y'all! I'm Emily and I couldn't be happier that you stopped by my blog. This is where I share all my loves, dislikes, favorite recipes, and funny things that happen in daily life. 

Hmm, what should I tell you about myself? 

Well, I'm a teacher who prefers to blog. Antiques and anything British are my jam. Just leave me with an M.C. Beaton audio book and some Great British Bake Off and I'm a happy gal. I'm married to Jeremy and we have a son, Harrison. 

We have a dog, Ellie, she's an old lady dachshund. I say "old lady" simply because she is a cross between an elderly woman and a cat. She could really care less about us and mainly makes her presence known when I'm in the kitchen. 

why I blog

I started this little ole blog back in 2008, on Halloween to be exact (my 2nd favorite holiday). We were newly engaged and I wanted to bounce ideas off of my bridesmaids, who happened to live in other states. It turned into more of my grandmother and her friends commenting. By the time we had the wedding there were so many people interested in our swing dance (first dance) that our little invite only party had quite a few crashers. It was there at the wedding, when I was ready to close the book on Louisiana Bride, that one of my (total of like 3) readers convinced me to keep going. I changed the tag line from "and a Mississippi wedding" to "life post wedding" and I've been writing here ever since. It took some times to find my niche, but I love food, meal planning, funny stories, and everything in between, so I just write from the heart and forget the blogger norms. 

fun facts

My husband and I met in psychology class, Sensations and Perceptions to be exact. We didn't really start talking until we were both due to give a presentation the same day. I bugged his friend for his number and text him the following swoon worthy message: I will kill you if you don't present before me. 

Obviously that swept him off of his feet. 

We've ventured through both of us going to graduate school, you can read about my Graduate Wife Journey here. Although it appears to be never ending since he started back at it again and is going to seminary these days as well as still being a School Psychologist. 

I really love to cook and my originally life plan was to attend culinary school, but life took me a different direction. That's why I love to document what I make, learn, and aspire to not destroy in the kitchen here at Louisiana Bride. It's mostly for me, but I don't mind if you read along. I just know that if I don't write these recipes down I will either forget them or lose them. 

Here's another tid-bit for you, I only have one sister, went to public school, was a band geek, twirled baton, and pride myself on driving a golf ball straighter than many of the guys I know. 

Even more fun - I set my hair on fire during homecoming with my beloved fire baton. To the tune of Final Countdown. 

Life's been quite the adventure from all our moves to the travels we took pre-baby. It's always been exciting. Not always Pinterest worthy, but exciting. 

If you met me in person you'd probably think I was loud, I am, I'm also super Southern. I don't say that to be one of "those" bloggers, but to simply warn you I speak with a drawl and when I get sleepy it gets worse. As a child my Pop picked on me to no end over my accent, so I started speaking faster to cover it up. Now I just sound like a really fast city speaking country girl. 

Born in Mississippi and raised in North Louisiana, I just can't hide my Southern accent. 

I also talk with my hands, like a lot. I'm probably waving them around at this very moment. 

A little something that annoys Jeremy about me is my penchant for health food. I'm a closet hippie who slathers things on anyone who holds still in this house. I'm a health nut, totally for prevention sake. And I'd probably rather be at a yoga class than where ever I am at this moment. 

Aside from my yoga love, gardening is about as relaxing as it gets. I'm convinced there's nothing a little workout and afternoon gardening can't cure. There's just something about tossing seeds out and getting something back. 

Another venture we've delved into lately is family camping. Like straight up tent camping. 

Jeremy and I have both been campers in our past lives, but together we never got around to it. Until recently, when we couldn't decide where to go on vacation. Then it all made sense, get a tent, do what we talked about, and run around outdoors with that little boy of ours. Simple as that. So stay tuned for more of those adventures. 

where to go from here

The best way to connect with me is by commenting here on the blog, I do my best to respond to all of them. You can also email me at labrideblog{at}gmail{dot}com or reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google+

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