Survival Week 2022

October 28, 2022

Also known as... the life of a youth pastor's wife. 

 Now that we have passed the "week Jeremy abandoned me during the school year for an entire week to got o Brazil" I can come out from hiding and discuss. 

1. This was easier than expected. 

Turns out I really don't want to talk to people in the evenings, and I was worried I would be lonely. 

2. The boys turned the trampoline into an MMA ring and are now banned from every witnessing wrestling. They don't need the encouragement. The natural drive to wrestle as a boy is unreal. 

3. When living alone dinner is insanely easy. I have no qualms about making one protein and eating it all week with minor tweaks. 

In other news, Harrison love to read, watch, and draw comic themed books. The child is obsessed with Dog Man. He was so proud of his little drawing... then his brother appeared. 

If this wasn't clear before, Elliot is the reason wrestling even occurs in our home. 

Once he shooed Harry off he wanted to take a pic with "my stuffy". 234

And because y'all know I love a good meme. 

Go ahead and call me Teddy, because I'm about to quit having thoughts just to improve my quality of life. 

This one was too funny!