Elliot Fell Asleep Again!

September 13, 2022

 Nothing I'm about to tell you relates to any of these photos. 

This is just a series of Elliot falling asleep randomly yet again. Put him down for a nap you say? Oh no, he won't do that. He hit "old man nap" this past year and likes to rest his eyes while sitting on the recliner. 

Harry on the other hand, wraps up in blankets like we keep the house at a steady 55 degrees. 

Now for some Elliot stories. 

First up, he was very "upset" last night after church because apparently some big "friends" (as he calls people he doesn't know the name of) we "being mad for me" (not mad at me). He gave Harrison this long drawn out story about people being mean to him, probably not true at all, and it ended with Harrison saying, "Elliot, you now I'll beat up a big kid right?" 

During dinner yesterday evening before our church revival Elliot demanded Sprite, which wasn't an option. He snuck off from the table, and rather than stop him, I sat back and died laughing at his nonsense. 

He covertly snuck towards the drink table, hid behind a chair, and waited for the elderly man at the table turn around and not pay attention. When it was his chance he darted over and grabbed a drink. 

Poor mischievous child picked up water and not lemonade, took a sip, realized what he did, and had to start all over to return the drink. 

Again he hid behind the chair, and when the man turned around he returned the drink. 

I guess that's all for now. I really need to write these down. He is up to so much that I quickly forget what he's done.