1st Day of 1st Grade & Pre-K 3!

August 24, 2022

Harry has been pumped to finally start 1st grade and has had a great week and a half of the festivities!  

He's the easy one here, but also the reason I take photos staged and days in advance. 

This goof on the other hand, smiled once and didn't hold the board right. So I tried to make him take more...

But that didn't pan out well. Bribery wouldn't even work. He was over me and moving letters on the sign. 

But the first day of PreK 3 with Mrs. Connie and the child was beyond excited and all smiles. 

He smiled himself into a triple chin and no eyeballs he was so dang excited. 

Who knows if this is good or not, but several of his buddies are in class with him. 

Hopefully they continue to enjoy this school year. I can't wait to see what Elliot learns, or agrees to learn. At the moment he will argue you down about a color, when he doesn't have a clue. 

In true second child mode, while arguing with me about something he wanted, I was told "But Mama I a person too!"