The Life & Times of Tyrone's Offspring

March 14, 2022

 Life has been interesting lately. Simultaneously a lot of time has passed and no time has passed at all. 

That's probably in part due to processing Dad's passing. Funny how good you can be and then suddenly thing "I'll never hear him say ____ again." 

The phrases and things he said. His mother was known for answering the phone by saying "It's your nickel." 

Dad, every time I asked him for anything with my hand out, would shake my hand and say "Hi, my name's Mike." 

Lest we not forget how he nicknamed me Tyrone and called me that for ages. I still don't know why. 

At the end of Mardi Gras break we took an afternoon to check out Moncus Park. My takeaways - it's busy, it's amazing, and I won't be returning with the dog and Elliot together without Jeremy with us. 

One you can handle alone, two you cannot handle. 

Oh toddlers. 

How do y'all like all of that clover? I think Elliot sums up how he felt... like he could use some allergy medicine. 

I adore clover though. Give me a yard of clover and no grass. 

It's soft. Full of flowers, and has a distinctive smell. 

It also reminds me of Dad. When he raised rabbits we would drive to the levee to pick as much as we could. The bunnies loved it. Sometimes we would take a box, with the baby bunnies with us, and let them play and snack in the clover while we picked it. 

The only thing I love more than winter is the beginning of clover season. 

During our break Harrison and I walked Dill to the park everyday. Harry loved it, Dill needed the exercise, and Dill also realized he didn't cope well with not being able to chase his child everywhere he wanted to. 

Poor little leashed cockapoo. 

Also, where did we get a 7 year old from. Just yesterday no one was sleeping and we were fighting colic. 

This skunk. 

I made biscuits the other day and he wanted to help. Anyone who ever eats at our house needs to thank me when I don't allow him to help for food being shared with others. 

He's busy, curious, and intelligent to spite me. 

He knows a few opposites... but uses them against me. For instance, I told him he needed to move fast because we were running late. He responded, "I don't want to go fast, I want to go slow." 

Hard headed. 

And in case you feel like Daylight Savings is getting you down, this is Elliot after church yesterday. Asleep in an empty popcorn bowl.