Talk Turkey to Me

October 23, 2021

 I know y'all have gotten your Amazon gift catalog in the mail at this point. 

Elliot keeps asking us to read him a book and hands us that Amazon catalog.

While the weather was great last weekend we headed to the zoo like half of Acadiana. 

Elliot started having a big fit and the turkeys became interested. Next thing I knew they were standing in front of him in what appeared to be having a little chat about his fit. Like taking turns squawking at him! 

Also, Jet Coffee is by far the best in town. 

Dill has been about as toddler behaving as Elliot is. He also figured out how to get on furniture, so that's a whole new battle. 

Someone also explain the conundrum to me of him wanting to be all in the kids business but wanting the kids to not be in his. They've got a love/hate relationship depending on which of the three isn't behaving. 

Last but not least - the house was painted last weekened! Shermin Williams Morning Fog is the color, now more yellow. Whoop!