Escape Goats and Toddlers

September 24, 2021

 I definitely haven't been the best at life updates lately. Life is in somewhat of a pattern after school, but until a few more loose ends are tied I think my brain won't agree that we are in a routine. 

We are on our 4th house buyer. 4th! Two we had to cancel, one never paid earnest money, and now we have a 4th. This is why I look stressed and crazy. 

Now, in no particular order, because Blogger can't upload in order to save it's life... what we've been up to the last few weeks. 

At the zoo today a couple of the goats had escaped, to the boy's delight. Elliot help telling the little black one "sit dog!" as if he were speaking with Dill. 

Who is he kidding? Dill ignores him too. 

While wandering Walmart after we returned to the Deep Cajun South something occurred to me, this bread is evidence that we are back in Acadiana. 

Low and behold my library card hadn't expired. We added a library trip to our usual Friday ice cream date and the boys have loved being back in a library now that Covid has allowed it. 

This week we grabbed a level reader and I really have to make sure we do it more often. Harry felt so proud of himself reading a book on his level again. 

The reading program they use at school sends home phonics homework, where we were getting more level books in Hoover. That little level book at least encouraged him, reading is hard when you've got speech mountains to climb. 

But he's made so much growth the past two years. So. Much. Growth. 

We've had some backyard swimming fun. 

After 8ish years I finally painted this old brown dresser. It's Sherman Williams Privilege Green, and y'all it looks good in person! 

Yes, I know half my photos are edited and half aren't... but that's what it is. 

As I went to get in bed the other night I found the kids giraffe, who wears underwear, tucked into my side of the bed and wearing my sleep mask. 

Who else has jumped on the seasonal drink train? 

After the heck of a week I had last week, Saturday morning called for loud Emo music and Starbucks. 

This ding dong did something dumb and landed his little self with meds for two weeks, this is our daily morning routine of me forcing it in his mouth with peanut butter.

He ain't here for it. 

Elliot and his crib transition should be its own post. 

In short, he's been plotting an escape for clearly years and was going to live his best life. Harrison isn't happy about this new found freedom. Jeremy didn't want him to break something so he left the side down again. 

We went to get them out one morning and found Elliot had rearranged furniture. That bed doesn't go there. 

And while this photo should be with the first two, we had our little monthly donut date while Jeremy got his hair cut. The kids always love to wander over to Sunrise Donuts in Broussard while we are waiting on Dad to get his hair done. The weather has been perfect this weekend for outdoor donut dining.