A Look Into Faster Way Strategies

June 30, 2021

 If you've watched any Amanda Tress Insta Stories, or followed their corporate page (Faster Way to Fat Loss) you've gotten a good glimpse into the program. 

She really shares it all, except the part that is personalized just for you. 

I thought that today we would dive into what the program entails. 


Honestly I would best characterize Faster Way as flexible Paleo, if you've wanting a label. The focus is whole food nutrition. 

Burger Bowl

Meaning simply, if it has a mother or grows from the ground it's fair game. 

From there it is suggested that you don't consume dairy or gluten, and avoid processed foods. 

I'll be honest, I limit these items and don't eliminate them entirely. I've done several rounds of Whole30 and have learned to pay attention to how something makes me feel. For instance, I can have some yogurt or cottage cheese, but whole milk is the devil to my stomach. Gluten free is really great for me, just because when I have full blown hotdog buns I can tell my stomach is a bit more bloated. 

But I don't eliminate them. I've worked to a point of food freedom through the Faster Way that if we go to a friend's house for dinner I will still eat. There was a time that I would either not really eat or would bring my own little Tupperware of "approved foods".  That's not the case anymore. With the encouragement of "memories over macros" and Amanda herself telling clients to enjoy their vacations and special memories it makes it a much more realistic program. 

After years of a 1,200 calorie restricted diet, I needed to mind shift to food freedom within your macros. I can have a treat on Leg Day. I am also no longer eating 1,200 calories a day, or counting calories. 

We also carb cycle, simply meaning your macro goals change throughout the week. It sounds hard to start but it gets easy fairly quick. Two low carb days and the rest regular macro. 

Intermittent Fasting 

Can I admit that this one terrified me. 

I said in my last post that I followed Keto before joining Faster Way. IF is big in the Keto crowd, but I never jumped on. It seemed too big of a mountain to climb. 

I'm on a 16:8 protocol for fasting. Meaning my eating window is from about 11-6. 

When I first started I only fasted until 9AM. The next day 9:30. I carried this on until one day it was lunch and I hadn't realized I hadn't grabbed breakfast. 

It took about a week before I made it into 16:8 fasting, but now it's second nature. 

Faster Way has a quiz you can take to find out what your fasting protocol would be. There are also tons of information on the website about the benefits to fasting. To name a few: improved sleep, more energy, quicker recovery, hormone level increase, better immune system. 


This has by far been my favorite part of doing Faster Way in 2021. Back in 2018 when I began the pregnancy program all of the workouts were still just printed out. 

Now it's still offered in a printable, but they're also live in the app and on Facebook every day. Once you're in VIP you have access to the workout library and can, for instance, change up what workout you're doing on a HIIT day. Prefer Barre to Yoga, then pick what you love for your active recovery workout. 

Every week we have 2 HIIT workouts, 3 strength, 2 active recovery and quite often in VIP there is a monthly challenge and you have a quick 5-10 minute bonus round 3 days a week after your 30 minute workout. 

The Faster Way trainers are not just amazing because I am stronger than I've been in years, but for the first time since becoming pregnant with Harrison I can workout without pain. 

A little backstory, I fractured my wrist lifting weight while pregnant the first time. From there on I have struggled with being on my hands for planks and certain weight workouts. 

No with these ladies, they take such care to teach proper technique and train areas that are commonly ignored that I have not had my usual wrist workout pain since beginning in February of this year. 


If you want to read around a bit more, I advise it, then check out their blog. I can tell you I spent about a year mulling over their information before officially joining. 

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