The End of the Baby Gear Phase

October 2, 2020

 When the baby gear phase is coming to a close, what do you do? 

Save it just in case? Keep only your favorite items? Or do you toss it all? 

I've really struggled with what to do with our gear. For the longest time we planned to have a third child, but with the unexpected business of this new phase of life I just can't imagine toting a 3rd person around. So we've called it quits, two kids it is. Now... how, when, who, and where do I get rid of these baby items. 

Tell me in the comments:: How did you know you were at the end of the baby gear phase of life? 

I decided we had to find a person to donate the clothing to, and I sold our more expensive gear. 

After being giving so much clothing by friends, I just can't phantom donating to Goodwill. I want one single mother to get all of these stuff and for free. There is only one issue... all of my friends have been having girls. 

Many of you know I've been writing for City Moms since I was in Louisiana, so I took to the Birmingham site to ask if any mamas needed clothing. That managed to off load all of my 12-18 month clothing. 

But I still had newborn to 9 months looming around the house. (FYI that is what is in the bags in the photo above. 😲)

Many areas have a local moms Facebook group, Birmingham and Lafayette certainly do. So I hopped on there to offer up my remaining items. Lucky for me I had a taker in no time and found a new mom who would appreciate the multiple bags of baby clothing coming her way. 

Success! I got rid of it all without ever having to worry about it going out into the vortex of donation centers. 

Oh, those big items? I sold them for about half of what I paid for them on Facebook Marketplace. I find Marketplace sells quick if something is priced right, and I feel more comfortable there than on Craigslist. 

Funny story though...

I was shocked when Harrison and I piled into the car after school one day with the mission of delivering all of this clothing... he was furious that I was getting rid of it. 

When he realized what was happening the complaint out of his mouth was, "But what is my baby going to where? Where is my baby going to sleep?" 

Umm... I honestly never thought I'd have to prep him and say we weren't having any more kids. So we had a talk, and he still isn't all that happy with me. He wanted a third, mainly to replace Elliot and hope for a nicer baby. 🤦‍♀️

Tell me friends, who or where did you donate your clothing to? Friends? Or did you brave a consignment shop and sell it all?