Helpful Preparation Tips When Planning Your Honeymoon

December 21, 2019

Today's guest post is about preparing for your honeymoon. I think we've made up for ours in the years that followed, but we really cared more about getting married than the honeymoon. Blame it on the broke college kid situation. With that being said, plan in advance and you'll have a much better trip. 
For some, the honeymoon can be just as exciting as the wedding. It’s the opportunity to privately celebrate your union, and your very first vacation together as a married couple. It needs to be memorable, and the definition of that is up to you.
Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Despite the excitement of a honeymoon, it can remain a stressful experience to plan and get right. Consequently, here are helpful tips for the preparation and planning stage of your all-important honeymoon.
Decide What You Need from a Honeymoon
Your honeymoon should be different from any other vacation you have already taken – and any which you plan to take in the future. It’s one crucial opportunity to treat yourself to a luxurious and unforgettable experience. Nevertheless, your honeymoon should still adhere to your tastes. There is no pressure for a five-star resort if opulent hotels simply aren’t your preference.
There are other ways you can upgrade your honeymoon experience, even if you would prefer to remain simple and budget-aware for your accommodation and location. This could be upgrading your room to a suite, or simply upgrading your plane tickets.
Take Care of Any Pet Commitments
Unless you’re taking your beloved pet along with you, you’ll need to make arrangements for your pet to be adequately cared for whilst you’re away. This means it still needs access to good maintenance, love and attention.
If you don’t like the idea of boarding kennels, you can always book your dog in with doggy daycare at and have a loved one take care of your pet in the evening. This way, it isn’t too much of a strain on their daily routine.
It’s a good idea to arrange this a significant amount of time in advance, to ensure that your chosen care doesn’t get fully booked up or that loved ones have enough notice. It’s therefore one less thing to worry about when planning your honeymoon, and you can relax knowing your pet will be taken care of.
Begin Your Budgeting Early
Wedding ceremonies are particularly costly, and you may even have neglected your honeymoon budget if you have placed too much focus on the money needed for your big day. Without savvy budget planning, you may end up with next to nothing for your honeymoon, meaning you can’t afford the memorable trip you always dreamed of.
While, of course, honeymoons can be deferred until you can comfortably afford what you need, budgeting ahead of time means you increase the chances of gaining the trip you want, exactly when you want it.
Factor in Relaxation Time
Planning a wedding will be possibly one of the most stressful tasks of your life. Factor in planning a honeymoon alongside that, as well as how emotionally overwhelmed you may feel following the ceremony, and it’s clear that time to relax is imperative in order to reestablish your wellbeing. Trying to pack your honeymoon with a long list of tasks to fulfil, places to visit and adventures to seek may leave you with no time and may result in feeling more exhausted than you were before you left.
Always try to balance out exciting activities with time to relax.