Things I Bought & Liked | March

April 10, 2019

Here's another month of what I've been up to per Amazon. There are a few items that haven't been used yet... impending camping trip. But let's get into it anyway >>>

Revlon Teasing Brush | I've been needing an update and this looks like what my hairstylist uses... so I ordered one. I'm liking it for a less harsh tease. For a full on tease you'll need the old fashion comb for sure.

Molina Mexican Vanilla | This is my hands down favorite vanilla, only reason it is showing up here is that our store never has it in stock these days. After a few months of needing to replace it I just Primed that sucker. I even tried using a different brand, it just was not the same.

Kidco Go Pod Activity Station | One of the items we ditched in the downsize was our activity station. I got this for a three fold reason 1) perfect for camping 2) easily folds up and can be used around the house 3) since it's so portable we can take it to the park.

CampBro Sleeping Pad | Item #2 for camping is this lovely little camp pad. We aired it up and it really distributes weight well. This + a sleeping bag is what Harrison will be sleeping on now that Elliot is taking over the Pack n' Play when we go campaing.

Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Leggings | I'm all bout a great review and the Yogalicious leggings have nearly 900 great reviews and touted at being a dupe for Lululemon... get you a pair. The MSRP on the tag said $88 and I paid $18. I'm dead serious when I say BEST. LEGGINGS. EVER.

La Pure Snail Regeneration Korean Face Mask |

Vital Protein Collagen Peptides | An oldie but goodie, I decided to order this again after just being sick of the lower quality brands. I use it to get a touch of protein in with my afternoon tea and cross all my fingers that the collagen is doing me some good. It has zero taste so it doesn't matter what you mix it with, and bonus points for dissolving with with little effort on my part.

Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask | I have been using this mask for probably 8+ years now. It's a definite keeper if you are sensitive to light at night. Make sure it's the 40 Blinks though, I bought a different one at TJ Maxx and regretted the heck out of it, and was insanely happy when it finally fell apart and I could replace it. I tend to get a new one every 6 or so months. By then the lining is separating and the elastic has stretched out too much.

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether | Elliot loves this. The shape is better than every other baby teether we own, it allows him to hold it easily while still getting the nubs to his little gums.

Varied Shoes Ankle Strap Chunky Clog | We shall see how amazing they are when they show up... but until then I (uncharacteristically) jumped on this deal that I saw on IG. I've been looking for a pair of clogs like this and you can't beat paying $23.

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz | Size up if you have a half size foot like myself. I could probably even wear a 10.5 instead of a 10 but I just can't bring myself to wear larger than a 10. The Rain color is a really nice light grey. They're honestly so comfy and cute that I wish I had an excuse to own multiple pairs of tennis shoes.

Monogrammed Jersey Lined Pullover | Back in the high school days the water girl crowd had the best wind-breaker material pullover. I wore that puppy to death and nearly into my 30s. Luckily this popped up on Jane and I couldn't be happier. If they sell out just request to be notified when it's back in stock, took about two weeks. I initially wanted it in Feb but had to wait. Then it took nearly a month for it to ship.