Hi Blog, It's Me... Emily

August 11, 2018

Can you tell back to school has eaten my lunch?

I haven't workout out.

I haven't blogged.

The house was a disaster so when someone wanted a showing I had to speed clean... which is painful when you're in your 3rd trimester.

I am just a big ball of can't this week.

So let's have a little life update...

I won a free month at Pure Barre over the summer and have loved it, I really need to write a blog post about my experience. Sadly since school started I was kicked to weekend classes this week and can't even go today just because we have a packed schedule that doesn't allow mama to disappear.

This is also going to be a blog post... but I'll likely write about it at Lafayette Moms Blog. 

Last night... or I should start out with during the day Jeremy called me to say that our wonderful sitter had offered to keep kids that night so couples could go on dates. 

He hopped on this one quick and I tried to talk him out of what he wanted to do, but I'm glad I didn't. We ended up driving into Baton Rouge to eat at Doe's Eat Place. I tried to take him for his birthday last week but alas we got a flat tire and those plans were cancelled. 

So last night we went. Now you can split their steaks, the lowest size is a 2lb-er and we are usually a 1lb-er couple... individually. I eat about half of mine and split it with another meal, Jeremy not so much. This steak though, meant to be shared. But with my regulations with food during pregnancy (cough I wanted mid rare cough) I wasn't going to make him suffer. I also wasn't going to follow through and got a medium well, I almost died ordering that... I would have been carried off by ambulance if I had to ask for a well done steak. We worked in a nice restaurant, I refuse to take the side eye that comes with burnt meat. 

Anyway, best steak I've had in the history of my life. 

I made Jeremy get their tamales jus to see how they compared to my Delta Tamales... they were legit... mine are legit. Everyone was happy. Everything here was perfectly seasoned. The fried drop biscuits were to die for. The bread pudding tasted like my grandmother's. 

But hey, it's a restaurant that originated in Greenville, MS. Actual southerners know what is up. 

In the mean time, Harrison had the time of his life while we were away. 

I wouldn't have posted this pic but I think the sunglasses cover up faces well.

Now Jeremy recently mentioned how he'd like to have a big brother/little whatever this is shirt for the hospital. I mentioned that to my mother... so you can see where this is going.

We ended up getting this sibling set from Little Faces Apparel. Perfect gender neutral set and super cute.

That's about it with life at the moment.

I don't think I mentioned my glucose test debacle... I had to take the 3 hour. Luckily I passed, my poor arms did not.

It's also the TDAP Vac time of pregnancy, everyone get's one. It's just not as exciting as Oprah handing out cars.

Other than that, I'll be back Monday with a meal plan... unless I forget or fall asleep.